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A Go Figure Debut for a High School English Teacher Who Is New!

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During college, Literary Roses worked as a writing tutor at a university writing center. This experience solidified her desire to become a teacher. Currently, she is a high school English teacher and has been for ten years. She teaches Shakespeare, poetry, plays, writing, and a many other different literary works.

Literary Roses loves to interact with her students! In some students she sees a similarity to those stressed out college students she tutored who were striving to learn with difficulty. She is aware that not all students will grasp what comes so easily to others, and their struggling makes her want to work to help them connect with difficult concepts and skills. Even though teaching is very challenging, she states that she values her profession and believes in its worth.

Only $19.99

The resources in her Teachers Pay Teachers store reflect her passion for literature. All of her products are geared towards eleventh and twelfth graders. One of her 112 products is entitled Elie Wiesel’s Night: Common Core Curriculum Unit.

This unit contains many power points that answer the ten most frequent questions students have regarding the Holocaust, and includes graphs and photos to aid in comprehension. It also teaches concepts such as the dehumanization of Holocaust prisoners, the symbolism of the young Pipel, personification and irony with so much more discussed in this unit. It has 113 ratings with one person in particular saying,

"This is the most incredible, creative unit I have ever located on Night!
It is one of my favorite autobiographies to teach, and my students will benefit from these incredible resources and activities. I've been teaching English for over 20 years,
and I have to say this is the most extraordinary, first-rate novel unit I have ever seen.
I cannot thank you enough. :-)"

Free Resource

Literary Roses also has over 20 free resources in her store. Introduction to the Romantic Period is just one of them. It is an 11 slide power point that explains the Romantic Period to students. It includes the causes for the shift in ideas and the characteristics reflected in the literature. If you are a high school English teacher, you might want to download it.

In addition to teaching and creating resources, Literary Roses enjoys shopping, running, reading, and being with her church family. Her two children keep her quite busy, but she believes being a mom and a teacher are truly works of the heart! Why not take a few minutes and check out the quality resources in her store?