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Snowflake Facts and Snowy Words - Get a FREE Crossword About Snow

I love winter. Yes, it's true. I love sweaters, a fire in the fireplace, throwing snowballs, eating snow ice cream and even the cold! As you can see from the photo, my grandchildren and I think snow is glorious.

Speaking of snow, have you ever wondered about snowflakes, how they are formed, how many different kinds there are? Here are a few fun facts about snowflakes that you might not have known.

  1.  The size of a snowflake depends on how many ice crystals connect together.
  2. Snowflakes form in a variety of different shapes.
  3. One of the determining factors in the shape of individual snowflakes is the air temperature around it.
  4. Snowflakes always have six sides.
  5. A single ice crystal is known as a snowflake.
  6. In total, 80 different shapes of snowflakes have been identified so far.
  7. Did you know that the saying that no two snowflakes are alike is actually a myth? It was true until in1988 when a scientist in Wisconsin managed to find two identical snowflakes.
I could go on and on, but since seven is the number of completion, I'll stop. 

While researching snowflakes, I started wondering how many words I could find that began with the word "snow" as I  wanted to make a winter crossword puzzle. I found 25 although there were plenty more; I just didn't want to make the clues to my puzzle overwhelming. 

The title of this new FREE resource is Snowy Words. It includes two winter crossword puzzles; each with 25 words that all begin with “snow.” One crossword includes a word bank which makes it easier to solve while the more challenging one does not. Even though the same vocabulary is used for each crossword, each grid is laid out differently. Answers keys for both puzzles are included. AND don't forget, you can download it for free!

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