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Common Classroom Irritations

Have you ever noticed that the same old problems keep resurfacing year after year in your classroom? Isn’t it funny how the little things sometime put us over the edge? I can always deal with that “special” child, but the continuous line at my desk about drives me crazy. Here are two different classroom irritations which I find to be the most annoying plus some possible solutions to think about before school starts.

A. Getting a Drink; Using the Restroom

1)  Set the number of times each student may go per the week.

2)  Have a restroom pass so only one student is out of the classroom at a time.

3)  Count when the children are getting a drink at the drinking fountain such as 1-2-3.  This way everyone is given the same amount to time.
4)  Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer by the door so children may use it before lunch to clean their hands. (Unfortunately, not all children wash their hands after using the restroom.)

B. The Pencil Sharpener

1)   Have a box of pre-sharpened pencils that all the children may use.

2)   Make a designated time when students may sharpen pencils. If you have an electric pencil sharpener, unplug it during the off limits time.

3)   Designate an individual to be the “pencil sharpener.” This can be a daily job in your classroom. This person performs the task of sharpening pencils before school, after school, or during any other designated time.

4)   Have two cups of pencils near the pencil sharpener, one for dull pencils and one for sharpened pencils. When a child’s pencil is dull, s/he places it in the dull cup and takes one from the sharp cup.

Do you want additional ideas on how to solve common classroom irritations plus more ideas for the ones mentioned above? Check out the complete resource that fully discusses:

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Kathie @Tried and True Teaching Tools said...

Your title caught my eye & then I laughed reading your post :) I solved the pencil sharpener problem this year by only allowing my students to use pens (to encourage relaxing about making mistakes); we'll see how it works!

Purposeful Plans said...

You have great tips to reduce stress for a teacher. These are great back to school procedures to review!

Wild Child’s Mossy Oak Musings said...

I LOVE this post because it's all about PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT! When we remember to be proactive teachers, our level of irritation goes way down, doesn't it?

Teaching Ideas For Those Who Love Teaching said...

I enjoyed your post! Thank you for the tips to some classroom irritations!

lisateachr said...

Useful ideas! Thanks.

Margo Gentile said...

Thanks for your advice....especially the restroom and drinks conundrum!