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Geometry Humor

Diving into Learning is having a Pinterest Linky party this week.  Those interested are creating a blog article about some of the marvelous "finds" they have downloaded or used from Pinterest.  They then go to the Diving into Learning blog and link up.  I have already seen some very creative ideas there; so, you might want to check it out for your classroom as well.

I only started on Pinterest about a year ago, but I love it.  Not only do I post many resources and teaching ideas there, but I learn so-o-o much.  For example, I learned how to pack one suitcase with enough stuff for a week.  (My husband is thrilled with this one.)  I also learned that when you fry bacon, to make a small cup out of aluminum foil; pour the bacon grease into it; let the grease harden; then close up the aluminum cup and toss it into the trash.  That is one I use all of the time!

On my Pinterest account I have a board entitled Humor - We Need It!  I post many math cartoons or humorous sayings there.  My favorite subject to teach my college remedial math students is geometry, and I have plenty of corny jokes that I intersperse into my lessons.  Here's one.

What did the little acorn say when it grew up?  Gee- I'm - A - Tree!  (Geometry) 

Or about this one?
What did the Pirate say when his parrot flew away?  Polly-Gone  (Polygon)

Here are some other geometry funnies from Pinterest.

Try placing a riddle or cartoon in the middle of a test.  I often do, and I know exactly where the students are by their laughs.  It helps them to relax and maybe get rid of those mathphobic tendencies.  I hope these math cartoons brought a smile to your face.  Have a great week of teaching!

You might also like Geometry Parodies, a four page handout that includes 20 unusual definitions of geometry terms.  Each definition is a play on words or a parody.  Twenty-six geometric terms that are possible answers are listed in a word bank, but not all of the words are used in the matching exercise.  An answer key is included.

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