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Get a FREE Winter E-book of Winter Activities for All Grades

Winter is upon us, and as teachers, we are always looking for fun, engaging activities for our students. Check out these free holiday lessons by The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative! This 22 page E-book, “Free Winter Lessons by The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs – 2021,” includes a variety of activities for kindergarten through 12th grade from experienced Teachers Pay Teachers sellers. Since it is free, all you have to do is download it!

Here are some of the lessons included:

¯I Have Who Has Games
FREE Resource

¯STEM Challenge; Creating the Longest Chain

¯Two Different Winter Crossword Puzzles Featuring 25 
    Words that Begin with “Snow”

¯Winter Holidays Classification Exercise

¯Printable Holiday Coloring Book for 9-12th Grades

Sending You Warm Winter Wishes,
The Members of the Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative.