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A Go Figure Debut for an ESL Teacher Who Is New!

Today's Go Figure Debut is for someone other than a math or science teacher. This teacher works with ESL students so consequently her Teachers Pay Teachers store is called The ESL Nexus.

Susan says that she loves creating materials that help English Language Learners succeed in ESL and mainstream classes. She has taught ESL to all age groups and all proficiency levels in public school as well as in universities in Asia. She is passionate about helping ELLS develop their language in addition to critical thinking and technology skills. When she was in the classroom, she worked hard to create an atmosphere so students felt comfortable expressing ideas and opinions. With support, she knows all of her students can be successful.

Susan currently has 65 resources in her store, with a range of categories including history, science, ESL, etc. One item is an End of Year Persuasive Writing Activity for Science. It is a fun and engaging way for students to demonstrate what they learned in their Science class for the year. A writing prompt in RAFTS form (Role, Audience, Format, Topic, Strong Verb) asks students to pretend to be alien scientists and write letters about the most important scientific ideas they encountered while secretly observing Earth. This product is appropriate for both English Language Learners and native English speakers and can be used by upper elementary and middle school students.

Susan’s TPT store also contains seven free items. One is a colorful Earth Day poster that is written as an acrostic poem. The poster presents ways to care for the environment in language that ELLs as well as other students can comprehend. A blank template is included so that students can write their own acrostic poems about Earth Day (April 22nd).

Additionally, Susan has a blog called the The ESL Connection (what else?) which has recently been redesigned. She uses her blog to discuss issues and ideas about educating ESL students. Often times, she starts her blog posts with a famous quote and/or a picture of someone who is well-known. 

Can you guess who said this?  "People who read on holiday always have a better time because it's total escapism, both physically and mentally." You'll find the answer on Susan's blog; so, hop on over there. While you are there, why not become one of her followers?