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I Need Math Study Skills?

This semester, I am teaching a new class called Math Study Skills.  We are finding that many of our students who do not qualify for college algebra in reality do not know how to study math.  When you think about it, math is different than other subjects in that it continues to build.  You might do well on the test over Chapter #1, not so hot on Chapter #2, but for sure, you will not succeed on the test over chapter #3.  I am putting together lots of supplemental materials for the class which I hope to share with you on this blog. 

In our next class I am going to ask the students to determine if the following statements about math are true or false.  See what you think.
Math Profile Sheet

  1. In math, there is only one way to get the answer.
  2. To be good at math, you have to be good at calculating.
  3. If you are good at math, you skip steps and do all of the work in your head.
  4. Men are much better at math than women.
  5. There is a "best" way to complete a math problem.
  6. You have to have a mathematical mind to understand math.
Believe it or not, all of these are false statements! I think my students will be surprised as well. But of course the best study skill I can give them is depicted in the cartoon!

Are you interested in a Math Profile Sheet that will help you to measure the mathematical success of your students?  Check it out by clicking under the cartoon.

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