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A Go Figure Debut for an Algebra Teacher Who Is New!

Our featured teacher is a math instructor from Humble, Texas. Kristel has been teaching for eleven years in grades 7-12. (Only one year teaching middle school, the rest has been in high school.) Most of her time has been spent teaching Algebra 2.

Kristel began her career in Arizona (7 years) and has since moved to Texas with her husband and two young daughters. Since moving to Texas, they have added a little boy to their family. She enjoys the fall weather because she can spend more time outside with her kids. She also loves dancing (former dancer/cheerleader), drawing, photography, and making digital resources. She confesses that she is a little obsessed with office supplies and candles.

Kristel really enjoys getting to know her students and helping them to feel safe at school. Like most of us, she loves watching students reach their full potential and helping them build their critical thinking skills. Due to COVID, her classroom has evolved into something more individualized, and technology driven.

Every class period, she gives students a warm-up that includes both an academic question and a “Is there anything you want to tell me?” question. Students really enjoy this and love to tell jokes, important things in their lives (dances, upcoming performances, or games), silly facts, or kind words. In addition, she provides students with instructional videos she creates to get the notes they need for a particular topic, and students spend the majority of the class practicing skills and working with their peers. This also allows Kristel to help students in a more individualized way.

Kristel began her TPT journey during the COVID shut down of 2020.  Her store, Kristel’s Math Lab, currently contains 27 products with three freebies and 24 paid items. Most of her resources are geared toward Algebra 2, but many times, they can be used in Algebra 1 or other high school math classes.

Her highlighted free item is a digital worksheet called Multiplying Polynomials. If you are looking for an engaging way to help students practice multiplying a monomial by a monomial, then this will be the perfect way to do so. This no prep activity was created using Google Sheets™ and includes 12 self-checking problems. (two versions included).

Her paid resource is a bundle called Systems of Equations and Inequalities. It includes four digital quizzes made with Google Forms™ and includes systems of equations using the graphing method, systems of equations using the substitution method, systems of equations using the elimination method and solving systems of inequalities. Each quiz contains 20 multiple-choice questions and is self-checking.

Because she is a full-time math teacher and a mother of three, her product creation is not as fast as she would like it to be. She is currently working on a digital interactive notebook (contains lots of student activities) on systems of equations, and she plans to add more digital worksheets (using Google Sheets™) over polynomial operations very soon.

If you teach math like I do, then I recommend visiting Kristel’s store for unique, engaging, and exceptional math resources. I already have!

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