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A Go Figure Debut for an Australian Who is New!

Cece is from New South Wales and has been teaching between grades 1-5 for almost six years. For two years, she was a substitute/relief teacher. Her favorite thing about teaching is being able to have a positive impact on students and seeing their excitement when learning new things about the world around them. 

Her classroom is a safe space and well-organized. She believes there is a place for everything, and everything has a place. (Personally, so do I.) She believes in nurturing curiosity and providing students with the opportunity to actively seek answers to questions. This is achieved by providing a mixture of activities to support different learning styles.

In her spare time, Cece likes to paint. She also enjoys expressing her creativity by designing resources for Teachers Pay Teachers! In addition, she takes yoga classes every weekend to keep in shape and also as a way to unwind and relax (something every teacher needs).

Currently, her store, Teach Super, contains 56 products, 49 paid and seven free. Her resources are designed to promote student participation, provide educationally rich learning experiences, and encourage students to learn. All her resources are tried and tested in her classroom to make sure they are useful and helpful to other teachers.


One of her free resources is called Synonym Path Activities. This is a perfect literature center activity that involves students connecting similes to make a path down the page. Students may color the path or draw a line. This activity can be used as a whole-class activity or as a literature center. You can also have students make and write sentences words from the included grid.


Cece's featured paid item is The Ultimate Relief Casual Substitute Teaching Resource Book (250+ activities!) This 53 page book contains a huge collection of activities and resources ideal for all the casual/ relief/ supply/ substitute teachers out there. It is so important to have fun, no-prep ideas/activities up your sleeve when a substitute is taking over the day. The book contains a 250+ collection of go-to activities for all KLA's (Key Learning Areas of a curriculum or the subjects) and year levels. They require very little to no resources or preparation. This “all you need” resource will ensure you feel more confident coming in each day, ready for anything.

Take some time to check out her store and resources. You will find it well worth your time.

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