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A Go Figure Debut for a Digital Teacher Who is New!


Ian has been a classroom teacher 12 years in two states (Virginia and Massachusetts) and has worked with students in a general education and advanced academic setting in grades 3-5. What he loves most about teaching is inspiring awe and wonderment.  Ian pushes his students to think beyond the standards, to question the world around them, and to seek out answers to their wonderings. He encourages his students to utilize technology, to demonstrate their understanding and to showcase their findings. His classroom has a certain buzz of excitement while students work on their latest problem-based learning activity, such as delivering the news for the southeast region, or researching a signature dish for their Midwest Cooking Star episode. His students enjoy many healthy, competitive digital games to review and reinforce concepts.

Ian is a soon-to-be father of four, who loves to spend the summers on the beaches of Massachusetts, the falls hiking and exploring the outdoors, and the winter months building snowmen and sledding. His family is a running family, with a combined 15 marathons between him and his wife.

Ian's Teachers Pay Teachers store, Mr. Kidders Keys To Online Learning, contains 112 resources with 12 of them offered as free. The purpose of his store is to help facilitate a digital friendly classroom and is intended to make the hectic life of a teacher more manageable. It features a variety of digital morning meeting, virtual, or brain break games, some of which are also content based. His three main lines of games are Zoomed In! - Reveal! - and Dash and Discover! In addition to the digital games, he has a growing library of digital math resources, mainly for grades 3-5: digital escape rooms, self-graded Google Forms with embedded video tutorials, interactive skip counting activities.

FREE Resource
One of those digital math resources is entitled Grade 4 Multiplication: One Digit by Multi-Digit Multiplication Word Problems Google Form. Enjoy this FREE grade 4 Google Form multiplication quiz that is a self-graded word problem assessment involving one digit by multi-digit questions. It gives instant feedback for teachers! Just download it by clicking the link under the resource cover on your right.

Only $3.00
Ian's featured paid resource is a mystery image game that will boost your students' social-emotional health and get them engaged with online learning. Animal Adaptations Edition of Reveal! The Mystery Picture Game is ideal as a review or pre-assessment of animal adaptations. The Google Slideshow can be used during distance learning video calls or in the classroom. This involves NO PREP and will leave your students smiling.

Finally, Ian has a few interactive, narrated virtual field trips that explore American history through famous works of art. All the digital activities in his store are ready to use, no preparation required, no need to print or copy anything (some even come with optional printouts). Take some time to check them out!

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