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A Go Figure Debut for a Published Author Who Is New!

Kathy Applebee
Kathy Applebee has taught for 18 years. Besides the traditional classroom, she has taught in the prison system, residential mental health facilities and in theaters across the country. She has been a STEM coach for the Uncompadre Boces. Prior to that, she taught GED prep at the Commonwealth Challenge, the Adult Learning Center (both in Virginia Beach) and alternative grades 4-8 science, drama and language arts at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Suffolk, Virginia. She is also a drama minister at Fools for Christ (free scripts and teacher resources) and the owner/director of Mesa Murder Mysteries.

What she likes best about teaching is seeing the light bulb go off. She claims her classroom is a three ring circus. Whatever works is what she uses! From her experience in alternative education, Kathy tries to get double mileage with all lessons to catch her students up. She uses Reader's Theater to augment curriculum in all content areas since it not only provides content and fun but works on reading skills such as fluency, vocabulary building and prediction.

In addition, Kathy is a published author (Curtain Call Caper, Disappearing Dog Dilemma and Bungled Bike Burglary with Christy Barritt), published playwright (several educational plays with PLAYS Magazine) and she writes the scripts for Mesa Murder Mysteries, an audience interactive mystery dinner theater company in Mesa County, Colorado.

FREE to Download
Kathy's TPT store contains about 468 resources (she is continually adding new ones). One of her free items is entitled: Back to School Freebie Classroom Expectations Reader's Theater Script.  Make that first day back at school count. Instead of lecturing about class expectations, let this four scene reader’s theater script introduce the four Be(e)s – Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Successful. Students practice reading and learn about expectations while teachers have the chance to informally assess reading skills, observe group dynamics. This free package contains script, instructions, and a set of classroom posters. 

Only $10.00
Kathy's featured paid item is 222 Middle School Science Bell Ringers, Warm Ups and Exit Tickets. Topics covered include:
  • 65 Weather Related
  • 22 Physical and Chemical Change
  • 31 Force and Motion
  • 23 Punnett Squares
  • 16 Genetics Fill-in-the-Blanks
  • 20 Wave
  • 28 Scientific Method and Measurement
  • 17 Climate Change
Kathy's store is worth checking out. She has over 5,000 votes with an overall 4.9 out of 5 rating which demonstrates she has quality resources for the classroom.

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