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A Go Figure Debut for Cara Who is New!

Meet Cara of Carabunga Teaching. She has had a variety of teaching opportunities in different settings.. Before getting certified for teaching, she taught ESL for three years in Korea. After attaining certification, she did about five years of teaching, one of which was teaching SK (Senior Kindergarten) in Kuwait. The past three years she has taught in a public school with a focus on Grades 3, 4, and 5.

Cara loves empowering her students and showing them that different doesn't mean bad, and that there are different ways to approach life, problems, and work. Everyone has their own set of strengths, but those strengths aren't necessarily set. Our strengths can lie in where we choose to focus or hone certain skills. With that being said, helping to effect change within the classroom, no matter how small, is extremely gratifying to her. So, something like simplifying complex concepts for the kids to understand is even a huge accomplishment.

Sometimes Cara likes to think of her classroom as a quirky Starship Enterprise. Everyone has their exceptional strengths, and each person contributes to the relatively smooth running of the classroom "ship." Individual students have their responsibilities and opportunities to shine, and boy, do
Only $6.00
they have their quirks that really brighten up and add pizzazz to the classroom!

Cara’s Teachers Pay Teachers store contains 47 resources; five of them are FREE. Her featured free item is a Multiplication Anchor Chart Reference. This chart gives a quick overview for the core concepts of multiplication (repeated addition, equal groups of objects, skip-counting, etc.).

Her highlighted paid item (picture on the right) is a Math Operations Anchor Chart Reference Bundle. It gives an overview of the core concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and by buying the bundle you save money!

Cara has a few editable games in her store that teachers can use. They can either have their students fill out to check their general understanding of concepts or teachers can fill them out themselves with their own questions. Lately, Cara has been focusing on Math Anchor Chart References that are basically quick and dirty guides to key math concepts for grades 3 and 4. The whole point of them is to provide teachers with a streamlined guide to teaching Junior Math (in case they’re beginning teachers, transitioning teachers, or even teachers that have math anxiety). They can also serve as references that students can put into their folders for guidance and/or they can be sent home at the beginning of a unit to help parents address the topics with their children. Essentially, the purpose is to keep everyone (teachers, students, and parents) on the same page and to help all parties involved.

Cara chose to focus on this type of product because she knows what it is like to be a new teacher to a new grade and to feel lost and stressed… and, she also knows what it’s like to suffer from immense math anxiety. Cara just wants to do what she can to help as many people as she can. Thank you, Cara!

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