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A Go Figure Debut for A California Teacher Who Is New

The Illustrated Classroom

Steve has been teaching in middle and high school inclusion classrooms since 2005. He is also a graphic artist, computer programmer, husband, and teacher-dad. He enjoys bicycling, hiking, and video games.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Steve worked in media and branding at a Silicon Valley startup. His teaching career began in 2001. The dot-com boom was turning to a dot-com bust (He still remembers the day when five different clients called to ask to have the ".com" removed from their logo!) Sensing that he would soon be “between jobs,” he took a long term sub assignment teaching social studies at Enola Maxwell Middle School in San Francisco. He found it to be extremely challenging. The students in his classes had been without their regular teacher since the start of the school year four weeks prior. Despite the struggles, the experience had Steve hooked on teaching.

Consequently, Steve left the corporate world and started a teacher credential program, earning California credentials in English and Art. By 2005, he had his own classroom teaching high school American Literature, World Literature, and literacy intervention classes. Two years later he landed his dream job teaching Media Arts at a San Francisco high school. (Go Bears!) Steve felt fortunate to be part of the teaching staff there for seven academic years and three summer school sessions. During that time, he taught media arts, drawing, English, computer science, and even a summer school health class.

While teaching an ELA credit recovery class at International Studies Academy, he developed a mnemonic unit for Greek and Latin roots. The kids liked it, and it worked! Steve still uses it to this day, and it's a popular download on Teachers Pay Teachers. Since 2015, Steve has been home-schooling and tutoring math for grades 6-8. During that time, he also has developed interactive notebooks and graphic organizers for middle school math.
Free Resource

Steve's Store, The Illustrated Classroom, contains 196 resources with 41 of them being free. His featured free item is Greek and Latin Roots Worksheets. Apparently, you can expand students' vocabulary and improve reading, writing and spelling by teaching them Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes. (My husband, a science teacher, agrees.) Activities include completing sentences, matching, and decoding roots within informational text passages. Answer keys are included. If you desire, you can post these worksheets in Google Classroom.

Only $12.00
Steve's paid resource is a large collection of Greek and Latin Roots Word Wall Cards. It has everything you need to create a color-coded, organized display aligned to your curriculum. All the common Greek and Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes are covered, along with simple instructions for easy printing in a variety of sizes. These word wall cards can be printed, laminated, cut, and used for years and years! You buy them once, but use them forever!

So head over to Steve's store to check out his unique resources. You will be glad that you did!

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