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A Go Figure Debut for an ELL Teacher who is New!

Kelly has been teaching for 14 years. She is a mainstream middle school math and science teacher. In addition, she provides professional development to other K-12 teachers in her district that relates to helping ELL students (English Language Learner) in mainstream classrooms.

Kelly’s favorite part about teaching is the connections she has with students, families and coworkers. Her school really has become a community which she has grown to appreciate over the years, especially since she’s been at the same school for 13 of her 14 years of teaching. She also loves the challenge of continually adapting to a changing educational environment. Kelly started teaching in 2006 before cell phones were so ubiquitous and yet in that same 14 year time-span, there have been significant other changes in what a classroom looks like.

Kelly describes her classroom as a positive environment with a strong sense of community. She does a great deal of community building while focusing on developing and maintaining positive relationships with her students. Observers in her classroom notice the positive relationships that play out in the classroom between Kelly and her students. She works hard to divide her class time into 10-15 chunks of time so her classroom plays to the developmental level and attention span of her students.

Kelly has two senior citizen pugs, ages 14 and 17 that she loves to pamper and care for. She has been married for 15 years to her husband, Etzel, who is a musician and a skilled tattoo artist. She plays the baritone saxophone in a local soul band and recently has started a hobby blog about her minimal teacher wardrobe, It's a website worth checking out!

Kelly’s Teachers Pay Teachers store is called Sheltered Language Resources. Currently, she has 163 resources in her store and nine of them are free. The general content of her resources is sheltered math activities for middle school classrooms with both ELLs and native English speakers together and sheltered activities for mainstream classrooms that can be adapted to any content area.

Free to Download
Her featured free item is 4 Square Vocabulary TemplatesIf you are wondering how to help ELL students in your mainstream classroom, start explicitly teaching academic vocabulary using these 4-square vocabulary templates. This free product contains three templates.

Only $13.00
Kelly also offers a bundle of 21 strategies that can be used in any content area and, with minimal prep (10 minutes or less), can be implemented immediately in your classroom. All of them target academic vocabulary and content acquisition and incorporate student interaction. They also include sheltered language acquisition strategies to focus on student language development using reading, writing, speaking and listening.

So if you happen to be a teacher who has ELL students in your classroom, take some time to check out all the resources that Kelly has in her store. You will find easy-to-use ideas that will make your job easier.

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