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A Go Figure Debut for an Ed Tech Coordinator Who is New!

Amy was a 5-8 grade teacher for 18 years in an inner-city school district. Over the years, she has taught all the core subjects, but most of her years were spent teaching just math. She has been the Ed Tech Coordinator for the same district where she has taught for the past 4.5 years. Her job entails working with teachers on tech integration, although most of her time is spent training teachers on how to use Schoology and PowerSchool. Recently, she was selected as a Schoology Ambassador for 2020. (Congratulations, Amy!)

Amy’s favorite thing about teaching is sharing her love of math. The last five years she taught, she had her students for two years. It was a small school where she taught math, science and social studies to the 5th and 6th grade classes. So many times, she would get a student into her fifth grade class that didn’t like math because they didn’t understand it. By the time they left sixth grade, they would often tell her that math was now their favorite subject.

Math always came easy for Amy (well, except high school geometry….she hated proofs and theorems), but when she took her first math methods course in college, she saw so many students that had previously struggled with math, suddenly start to get it. It was the first time that they were learning math concepts using manipulatives, and they finally got it. Amy made the decision right then and there that manipulatives would be a part of her classroom, and they were.

When Amy isn’t working, she enjoys reading, binge watching TV shows (You, The Witcher and See were ones she binged on over the winter break) and traveling with her husband, Kevin.
FREE Resource

Currently, Amy has 260 resources in her store called Amy Alvis. The majority are math products such as task cards, posters and INB sets and games. Her store also features US History, World History and science products. Out of those 260 resources, twelve are offered as free. One of her free math resources is entitled Order of Operations Color by Code. This is a NO PREP printable color by number activity that gives your students practice solving order of operations problems.

Only $6.25
Amy’s featured paid resource is a graphing game called You Sunk My Ship. It is a coordinate plane graphing game similar to Battleship and is perfect to use at a math center. Your students can have the fun of playing a strategic game while practicing their math skills. Included are file folder game boards for Quadrant I practice as well as one that uses all four quadrants (two versions for each one). Also included are one-page versions of the game as well as a quiz.

Technically Speaking with Amy is the name of her blog. The topics of her articles include classroom organization, math, science, social studies, interactive notebooks INB, task cards and tech integration. Amy is an excellent writer and her articles offer the average classroom teacher many new and innovative ideas. Take time to check it out. I think you will find something you can use.

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