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A Go Figure Debut for a Canadian Science Teacher Who Is New!

Mo, of Big Red Science, is heading into her tenth year of teaching. She has taught in Canada, Italy, Micronesia, and on a tall ship while sailing the world!  Like most teachers, she loves the relationships she develops with her students. When a new school year starts, she is always eager to fast forward about two months to a time when she knows that her students and she will have created their own unique environment together full of positivity, comfort and a few ‘class inside jokes’!  Over the years, what she has learned about herself is that she develops these relationships through the learning that takes place. Mo loves the challenge of taking a concept that seems confusing or boring and tackling it in a way that makes students find joy in learning new things. She says that there is something about guiding students in their science and math journeys that really strengthens the relationships that she has with them.
At Mo’s school, each teacher has a desk in their departmental office, and then the teachers float between multiple classrooms each day. (Sounds like what I do on the college level.) This means that her décor is nothing special! (In other words, no bulletin boards to do!)  The vibe of whatever classroom she is in is relaxed because students feel comfortable with her. She also thinks it is important for students to know each other so she encourages numerous group work activities and tries to find ways for her students can talk to each other early and often. 

Bringing variety to her lessons is also a key component of her personal philosophy of education. She believes that if everything is the same day after day, students won’t be able to distinguish one day or topic from the next. Therefore, Mo fills her classes with as many different types of activities as she can find like games, case studies, labs, simulations, models, skits, foldables, watching and making videos and podcasts, debates, ‘speed dating’, question trails, storytelling, typical lectures…all kinds of stuff!  

Mo has lots of interests outside of teaching including singing, playing games, traveling, spending time at her cottage and recently squash. And the one thing that she will always, ALWAYS say yes to is an escape room. She and her partner have probably done thirty of them, and they claim they are pretty good!

FREE Resource
Currently, Mo has 60 resources in her store, Big Red Science, and nine of those items are free. One of her free items Fish and Polar Bear Back to School Inquiry Activity is a great way to get students to work together in a low-pressure situation while at the same time asking questions and using the scientific method intuitively. She uses it as an early ice breaker, but it can be done at any time of the year!

Only $3.00
Her featured paid item, YouTube Alternative Bell Ringer Assignment, is an engaging way to start a class. This assignment has students sift though You Tube to find a video that relates their science class to the real world. Mo has used this assignment in various classes for years, and notices that students always find incredibly interesting and engaging content.

Mo also has a blog called Big Red Science. (Can you guess how she got that name?) I found her articles to be engaging as well as practical. Take some time to check it out as well as her Teachers Pay Teachers store. There are products for general science, biology, chemistry and math. In addition, she has games, diagrams, movie guides, question trails, some décor, and video and podcast assignments. You will discover her products reflect the variety that she values in her classroom. 

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