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A Go Figure Debut for A Tutor Who Is New!

Caroline lives on the beautiful Wirral Peninsula, in between Liverpool and Chester, in the UK with her husband Ray. They have five grown up children and one grandchild. When they are not working. they love to travel and to spend time with their family and friends.

Caroline left the classroom around five years ago to start her own tutoring business; hence, the name of her Teachers Pay Teachers Store – The Booked Up Tutor. She worked for eight years as a teaching assistant at an inner-city primary school and while there gained a First-Class Honours Degree in Teaching. (An honours degree is a grading classification in the United Kingdom that distinguishes achievements of undergraduates. A degree with honours denotes a degree in a given subject that requires a higher level of academic learning and achievement.) She wanted the freedom to combine her years of experience with her interest in how we all learn differently while at the same time having the freedom to run her own business. She says she has never looked back and now help many students each week to improve their math and English. For her, to be fully booked with a permanent waiting list, is a wonderful feeling because she was just like the kids she now tutors. She could NOT do math and would sit and cry during lessons. Caroline never wants any child that she teaches to feel that way; she wants them to achieve what they can achieve and to be the best possible version of themselves.

Caroline of The Booked Up Tutor
By tutoring, she has become very adept at quickly identifying weak areas in math and subsequently helping students to improve greatly. She teaches her students quick mental math strategies that help them, and always starts by making sure that they know their number bonds (alternatively called an addition fact) to ten. Sadly, she has discovered that even some eight and nine-year olds don’t know them. (I teach college students who don’t know them!) Once they know these, it is a smooth transition to learn them to 100 and then 20 and then beyond that. She is also a huge multiplication fan. She believes times tables are the golden key to math in primary school and if a student doesn’t know them then obviously, they will struggle with division, fractions, prime numbers, area of shapes and many other things. (I see this all the time as I tutor college students in the Math Lab at the college where I teach.) 

Caroline has 385 diverse and assorted resources in her store. Her resources have all been developed from the ground up thanks to her students who range in age from 5 to 11 and sometimes older. Her products tend to share the theme of over-learning as that is what students often must do, but it works, and it helps her struggling students with reading and math.

One of her free items is called Number Bonds to 10. This FREE pack contains her number bonds rhyme that help students remember the number facts to ten plus color-coded support worksheets that teach the fact families. Help your students easily learn the addition and subtraction facts within ten by downloading this free item. 

Only $15.00
If you would like another resource for multiplication, check out her bundle called Multiplication Worksheets Bundle. Master multiplication worksheets, multiplication facts and division facts 1 to 12 with these 12 x 34-page booklets of multiplication worksheets. Self-paced times tables booklets (with answers) help students understand and secure basic math mastery of times tables and multiplication fluency through skip-counting, arrays, multiples, fact families and self-assessment. Use for extra practice, math homework, in remediation groups, for special education, math intervention or math centers.

As a late-comer to Math, Caroline really enjoys making sure no child is left behind with poor teaching, as she was. She never stops learning; her experience grows every single day and her students benefit from that. This is evident in the resources she creates; so, be sure to take some time to check them out.

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