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A Go Figure Debut for An Idaho College Teacher Who is New!

Dr. Jan's Math & Science Lab

Jan has been teaching for one million years. (Of course that is better than "since the earth cooled," like me.)  This is her 27th year of teaching, which includes 21 years at the elementary level, and the last six at the college level.  She currently works in a STEM teacher preparation program at Boise State University; so, she teaches future teachers.  

This semester she is teaching the Elementary Science Methods course for the first time, and she LOVES it! The main thing she enjoys is giving future teachers experiences in classrooms to boost their confidence and to show them that teaching science is engaging for kids and so worth squeezing into the busy school day.  For her job, Jan has the unique experience of teaching future teachers student-centered practices, and then going out to local schools to watch them try out teaching.  It is super rewarding when they have positive experiences and decide that teaching might be right for them. 

Jan has three "young" adult children; Zoe who is 23, Drew who is 20, and her youngest Alex who is 18.  Alex will be graduating from high school this spring and heading to college.  She and her husband of 26 years are excited about the next chapter in their lives and officially being empty nesters.  Jan also has two fur babies that she adores.  Ari is an Australian Shepherd, and Mia is a French Brittany.  In her free time, Jan enjoys traveling,  skiing, camping and going to outdoor concerts.  

Jan has 167 products in her store, seven of which are free.  Her focus is on math and science, mostly for grades K-8.  Currently, she is working on creating more middle school level products.  Since she loves inquiry based instruction and Project Based Learning, many of her products promote these practices. 

Only $4.00
One of Jan's paid items is entitled, Design A Dog Park.  It is a fun project based learning project that engages students! Students work in teams to design a dog park. A variety of math skills are practiced including area, perimeter, addition, subtraction, multiplication. ELA skills are also integrated as students write persuasive letters and give oral presentations on their proposals. Giving students relevant contexts to apply skills is a meaningful way for students to construct conceptual understanding and see a useful application.


Jan's FREE item is called Science in a Bag.  It is the perfect birthday gift for students! Simply gather the easy to find supplies, print it off then staple the activity booklet pages and put everything into a quart or gallon sized Ziploc bag. Staple the birthday topper, and you're done! (Better yet, have a parent helper put these together.) The kit includes a mini booklet with directions and questions for three different activities that can be done with little supervision on the teacher's part. If you teach grades 3-6, download it for your classroom.

Jan also writes a blog called Dr. Jan's Math and Science Lab.  (What else?) As an educator, her goal is to share her passion for math and science with as many educators as she can! By having a blog, she hopes to give teachers tools and resources to enhance the math and science education of their students. Be sure to check it out!

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