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Learn by Heart - Heart Rebus Puzzles

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Here is a fun February activity which uses heart rebus puzzles. It is called Hearts and Valentines. This resource is 13 pages and features 24 heart rebuses (idioms) that represent familiar expressions that contain the word "heart". (e.g. From the Bottom of My Heart or Cross My Heart) Each illustration uses a picture or symbol to represent a word or phrase. The students must use logic and reasoning skills to solve the 24 rebuses (idioms).

Each day during the month of February, put up one heart illustration as a student focus activity, OR, if you choose, place two or three up at one time or display all of them up at the same time. Students are to figure out which heart expression each heart picture represents. Below are four examples from the resource. Can you figure out the answers?

Hearts and Valentines

I have stumped you? Perhaps you just don't have the heart to do it or maybe your heart simply isn't in it. If you give up, you'll find the answers on the page entitled Answers to Problems. (Look at the bar at the top of this blog post.)

As you have discovered, this can be a fun, but also very challenging Valentine's Day activity! If you would like more information about this resource, just click the title under the pictures above. And.... Happy Valentine's Day from the bottom of my heart!

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