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A Go Figure Debut for a Board Certified Teacher Who Is New!

Our newest Go Figure Debut teacher is from Arizona. Elizabeth has been in the teaching profession for 12 years, with the last seven being a Master Teacher (teacher coach). In her position, she gets to work with hundreds of different kids and dozens of teachers, and she absolutely LOVES it!

Elizabeth is also a National Board Certified Teacher who loves working with children. Every time she leaves a class, she leaves with a cute or funny story to tell! Building relationships with her students is a vital belief system of hers.

Her personal teaching style might be described as goofy, fun, and entertaining but structured. She loves to joke and have fun with her students, as long as they are behaved and getting their work done. She loves creating resources that bring that love of teaching out in all teachers and students. In addition, she tries to make resources that are colorful, cute and purposeful without being overwhelming.

When Elizabeth is not teaching, she enjoys making all sorts of crafts, spending time with her family and pets, going on camping trips and catching up on movies and TV.

Elizabeth’s TPT store is called “Balke’s Resources”. Currently, her store contains 121 products, 18 of which are free. They vary from back to school activities, positive praise, songs, and get to know you activities. One of her freebies is a Grammar Center Game to practice verb tenses. Included in this printable file are:
  1. The verb cards which are balls of yarn
    Free Resource
  2. A verb sort page
  3.  An instruction sheet with directions written in sequence, using sequencing words 
  4. A special tent CCSS sheet that includes: objective, Common Core Standards and directions to set up at the center
  5.  Two independent student worksheets with the answer sheet 
This free resource is appropriate for students up through the fourth grade.

One of her paid resources is a Hygiene Sequencing Activity Bundle for $4.00. It centers around hygiene, tying reading and science together. This unit is appropriate for Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Included are:
  • Objectives for all the activities 
  • Healthy hygiene and poor hygiene cards. 
  • Color coded hygiene cards for easier sorting. 
  • A sorting activity to distinguish healthy hygiene from poor hygiene with directions.
  • An activity to order a morning routine to get ready, with directions on how to sequence. 
  • A transition word poster. 
  • A comic strip for students to draw their morning routine based on their sequenced cards. 
I believe your students will enjoy Elizabeth's fun filled activities because she takes the time to make them simple for you to use. Take a few moments to check out her store. You won't be disappointed!

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