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A Go Figure Debut for an Australian Who Is New!

Australia with Queensland Highlighted
Our featured teacher lives “down under” in Queensland, Australia which is situated in the north-east of the country. His Teachers Pay Teachers store is Creating Light Bulbs and that is what he loves most about teaching - that light bulb moment. When you teach a child a new concept or a concept that they are finding difficult, and you see the light bulb turn on when they understand it, this is the reason why he teaches. Mr. Light Bulb has been teaching for five years and describes his classroom as fun, innovative with an emphasis on a growth mindset. 

Mr. Light Bulb enjoys running and is currently training to run a half marathon. At times he dabbles in video games and computer coding. He enjoys cooking, particularly desserts and sweets (YUMMY!) such as sticky date pudding or salted caramel tarts. Also, he is 90% confident that he is addicted to coffee.

The majority of his store is based around mathematical activities including open ended questions, games and drills. He also has a range of STEM and project based learning activities. Currently, Mr. Light Bulb has 49 products in his store; six of them are free.

One of his free resources is entitled Free Fact Families – All Operations and is appropriate for grades 3-5. This sample pack provides the teacher and students with the opportunity to try two high quality products covering all four math operations. The full products includes all of the facts from 1-12, rainbow facts, leveled extension activities and blank sheets to create your own. As one person commented when giving this resource a 4.0 rating, it is also “great for stations and interactive notebooks.”

In addition, Mr. Light Bulb has a $10.00 bundle (you save $5.00 by purchasing the bundle) that is called Open Ended Math Questions – MEGA Bundle – Over 65 Different Questions.  Check out the preview of this resource to view some of the questions contained in this bundle. It combines all of his opened ended math questions products and targets number, fractions and decimals, money, chance, data, probability and word problems. Open ended questions are ones that require more than one word answers. The answers could come in the form of a list, a few sentences or something longer such as a speech, paragraph or essay. They provide an entry point for all students and allow the teacher to quickly gauge the varying levels of knowledge and understanding in the classroom. As one of his buyers expressed, This resource is “outstanding value! My students will love these.”  

I am especially partial to this resource because of the importance of asking open ended questions, especially in mathematics. I teach on the college level, and many of my students cannot think beyond a yes/no or a couple of words answer. Open ended questions allow me to analyze a student’s response to a question giving me an opportunity to learn how they think. The students’ responses reveal what they know and how they apply that knowledge. Having this type of resource in the elementary grades would introduce students to this type of questioning early and prepare them better for college.

So head on over to Creating Light Bulbs and take a look at his resources. I am sure you will find many items that you can use in your classroom. And while you are there, take the time to download his free item and leave a rating. He would love to know what you think.

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