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A Go Figure Debut for a Fifth Grade Math Teacher Who Is New

Jordyn of Grade 5 Greatness
Our Go Figure Debut today is for a teacher who has been teaching fifth grade math for 12 years. (Can you guess why her Teachers Pay Teachers Store is called Grade 5 Greatness?) As a teacher who strives for excellence, Jordyn incorporates technology, projects, group activities, and plenty of classroom discussion into her lessons. Students often tell her that “You make math fun.” From the “Box of Mystery” where her students solve math problems all over the school until they have the code to unlock the box to doing “Treasure Hunts” where students solve math problems to find a treasure, her classroom is definitely a high-energy, exciting classroom.

The greatest compliment she has received arrived out of the blue from an aide who came to her classroom one period each day. She was trying a “new idea” where the students could choose a group to join and each group was doing a different project. One group had a mathematical drawing of fractions to create, another had a story to read and finish about solving fraction problems, and others were working specific problems and using the computers. I’ll never forget how, with big eyes, she exclaimed, “You are the most fearless woman I’ve ever met! I don’t know anyone who would try all of this with ten year olds!”

Fearless - I love that; I really love that. Because when God calls you to something, He doesn’t call you to merely serve or to slightly work toward the goal that lies before you. He equips you to be brave, to be fearless. Ultimately, that is a reward of teaching. That is what Jordyn likes best about teaching, to see your bravery and fearlessness culminate in a child understanding something that seemed impossible.

Many ministries of her church keep Jordyn busy throughout the week! She writes articles for her church’s magazine, writes the VBS curriculum for grades kindergarten through fifth grade, co-teaches a women’s Sunday School class, and serves with the mission ministry. She loves global missions and has served in India, Guatemala and Honduras. She is also an avid reader and a Downton Abbey fan! She enjoys spending time in her kitchen trying out new low carb recipes.

Free Resource
Jordyn has 100 products in her store that are geared toward math for grades 4-6. Eight of them are free. Her featured free item is a geometry one. Polygons are a favorite topic of her fifth graders, and the activities included in this free resource are why! From classifying triangles and quadrilaterals with "I Have, Who Has" to drawing examples of pentagons and hexagons, students will be engaged and excited about these math activities!

Only $5.00
Additionally, Jordyn’s students love their math race through the United States! Groups start at Washington, D.C. and solve math problems all the way to California! If they miss problems, they are given a "flat tire" problem to solve. They are practicing math skills while reviewing geographical knowledge of the states! This takes a little less than two class periods for her fifth graders (her classes are 50 minutes each).
  • States A are problems suitable for Grades 5-6.
  • States B are problems suitable for Grades 4-5.
Choose the set of state problems appropriate for your students!

Jordyn's Blog
Jordyn also has a blog (also called Grade 5 Greatness) where she posts very interesting articles. I especially like the one published on March 28th entitled Pencils DO NOT Have to be the Bane of Your Existence! She has a pencil loan system that works great for her fifth graders. You might be interested in reading this article if you have students who always need a pencil. (Isn't that all of us?)

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