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A Go Figure Debut for a Fellow Kansan Who Is New!

Jenny's TPT Store
Jenny has been teaching 7th grade math for 20 years. Not only is she a math teacher like me, but she lives just up the road here in the great state of Kansas. She claims to have the best job in the world although many of us might debate that fact. Like many of us, she grew up always wanting to be a teacher.

Jenny describes her math classroom as active and focused. She likes to keep her students actively involved in class with lots of classroom discussions and cooperative learning. She feels like the most important thing she can do is help students not to learn just rote procedures, but to really make sense of and understand math. What Jenny loves most about teaching are the kids. She just loves 7th graders because one minute they can be so grown up, but the next minute they are just kids again.

On a personal level, Jenny loves to read and do puzzles. With her family, she enjoys watching movies and Netflix and playing board games.

Jenny’s Teachers Pay Teachers store is called Wilcox’s Way. She currently has 110 products in her store, nine of which are free. Her resources focus on middle school math since that is what she teaches.

Free Resource
Her featured FREE resource is called Integer Addition and Subtraction Card Games. It contains 60 cards that can be used to play the ten games described in the packet. The cards all contain simple integer addition and subtraction problems that the students will solve as part of the games. There are 15 sets of cards with four different answers. The answers on the cards are -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. There are two addition problems and two subtraction problems to get each answer. These games are designed for students that have learned to add and subtract integers, but continue to need practice.

Only $3.50
Her highlighted paid item is entitled Proportional Relationships and Unit Rates Partner Activity. This series of individual and partner activities focuses on finding and identifying the constant of proportionality (unit rate) from verbal descriptions. Students then work with a partner to graph these unit rates. Students also work with proportional relationships presented in tables, graphs and equations. 

This resource contains a series of three activities. Each activity has two parts.  For part 1, students work individually. Then, working together, they complete Part 2 of the activity where they will graph information about the situations from part 1 on the same graph.

Jenny also has a blog which is also called Wilcox's Way. (When you have a catchy name, you might as well stick with it.) Her March 22nd posting is entitled "I Am So Excited to Review for State Testing....said no teacher ever."  She really is excited this year because she is planning to do it Escape Room style which I think will be awesome! I highly recommend you read all of the details about this engaging and fun way to review at her blog. 

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