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A Go Figure Debut for a "Retread" who is new!

Today’s Go Figure Debut is about Laura who didn’t become a teacher right away. She might be considered a "retread" since teaching is her second career.

Laura began working in the business world right out of high school and continued on that path for over eighteen years, getting married and raising a beautiful daughter along the way, while taking night classes as time allowed. She had an aptitude for numbers, and often found herself working in accounting positions. She stepped away from the corporate world to help a family member through a health crisis and began working on her bachelor’s degree while working part time. While on break from college, her daughter’s school experienced a flu outbreak among the staff, and they asked Laura to help out. She told them they were nuts; she was an accounting person, but, they were in a
bind so she agreed to help out.

Her first assignment was first grade. (I started there, too, and I can’t tell you why!) When her husband got home that night he asked her how it went. She revealed that she had the worst headache of her life, and she hurt in places she didn’t know existed. BUT it was the most awesome day of her life, and she couldn’t wait to go back the next day! Over the next three weeks, she filled in for almost every grade from kindergarten through 9th grade and even had a few days as the PE coach. A true passion for teaching was born. She has now been a teacher for over fourteen years, primarily in middle school mathematics.

Laura believes that students learn best when they are actively engaged with rigorous, high-quality, hands-on lessons that incorporate technology, group activities, offer differentiation, and reach across multiple subject areas to draw out students’ interests, passions and curiosity. She uses walk-abouts (see her paid resource), scavenger hunts, and learning stations to keep her kids moving and learning.

Laura has always shared her resources with colleagues and was surprised to hear over and over from them that she should open a store on Teachers Pay Teachers. She took that plunge three years ago. Laura is slowing growing her store as she continues working on improving herself and her classroom to provide her students with the best education possible. As most of us know, it is a never ending quest.

Laura currently has 119 products in her Teachers Pay Teachers store called Positively Pre- Algebra Plus. The vast majority are math related, with a few STEM and science resources. Laura’s featured paid resource is a Walk-About Bundle. This bundle includes twelve fun
Only $15.00
yet rigorous activities to help get your students out of their seats, walking around and engaged in math! They are excellent activities for students to work with a partner, in a small group, or individually to solve problems focused on similar skills.

Laura’s free resource is a cut-and-paste sampler activity.  This free sample pack includes cut and paste activities
Free Resource
for translating equations, one step inequalities, and percent of change. Cut and paste activities are a fantastic way to change up the routine for teens and tweens and to break free from worksheets. Laura’s cut and paste activities include multiple levels of difficulty to make differentiation easier for you while increasing student ownership in their learning. I was impressed with this resource as I could adapt the idea for the interactive journals my math college students do. She offers other cut and paste activities in her store that include: Scientific Notation, Distributive Property, One-Step Equations, Translating Equations, Percent of Change, Two-Step Equations, One-Step Inequalities, Simplifying Algebraic Expressions.

Take some time to visit Laura’s store and look at the unique resources she has created. I know you will find at least one that you love!

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