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A Go Figure Debut for A Texas Teacher Who Is New

Lauren's Store
Lauren is a Texas girl who has been a teacher for 12 years! She has taught a variety of 5th and 6th grade math and science classes, and this is her fourth year as an instructional math coach. She works at an intermediate (5th/6th grade) campus that serves a diverse group of students that includes many English language learners and at-risk students.

Lauren loves working with students in small group instruction for math. This was her favorite part of her day when she was in the classroom and one of the ways she still interacts with students in her job as an instructional coach. She also enjoys designing curriculum with her teachers and creating new lesson ideas to teach difficult topics. Her favorite topics to teach are fractions and proportionality. In science, she likes teaching about plate tectonics.

Lauren has three sons from 18 months of age to 11 years old. Together, they like to watch movies and play outside. Between her boys and her work, she stays really busy, but she still finds time to read science fiction books and create educational resources (Surprising, right?).

Her Teachers Pay Teachers store, Leaf and STEM Learning, focuses on resources for 4th - 7th grade. Teachers can use them for guided math instruction, including centers and stations materials, problem solving, utilizing manipulatives plus concept development. Her materials are aligned with Common Core and the Texas TEKS. Since she has used these materials in her own classroom or in classrooms throughout her school and school district, you can be confident in using them in your classroom, too!
Free Resource

Currently, her store contains just over 100 resources, with eight of those resources being free. One of those freebies is entitled Place Value & Powers of 10. Using an engaging low prep interactive notebook set, this resource introduces and practices using powers of ten for place value notation. All the included parts, an interactive mini book, practice activities and formative assessment, are designed to fit perfectly in your students' composition books or math journals.

I am really partial to her paid resource called Ratios & Proportions. These differentiated task cards have 132 total questions that go with 44 real world and model scenarios. Students write ratios in word form, colon form, fraction form and decimal form and solve proportional relationships and percent problems.

Only $3.00
Three levels of questions can be selected randomly by rolling dice or by the teacher with the differentiated dice cards to make the perfect practice for your students. The task cards can also be used as prompts for small group instruction or tutorials. Also included are a teacher guide to help you set up, student instructions, a student recording sheet, and a full answer key.

Her Blog
Lauren has a blog entitled Leaf and STEM Learning, just like her store. She not only shares interesting posts about teaching, but in addition she gives instructional tips and specific ideas for math teachers. Maybe you have heard the common adage that teachers must learn how to “beg, borrow, and steal” to find the best resources and practices for their classroom. Because this saying resonates true for most of us, you ought to take a moment to read her “Steal It” articles! I believe they will really “hit home” as they did with me!


Renee Dawn said...

Scipi, Thanks for sharing these charming details about the gifted resource-creators at TpT! I love meeting them this way :-) Renee

LD Helfer said...

Thank you for featuring me and my store!