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A Go Figure Debut for a Book Nerd who is new!

Marypat's TPT Store
Mary Pat has been teaching (in one way or another) for all of her adult life. She has been a classroom teacher for 20+ years, teaching 4th grade through college (primarily writing and reading). However, the majority of her teaching experience is in middle school, and she says she loves those middle school kids! Is it a challenging age? Absolutely! But she declares that you won’t find more honest, lively and funny students anywhere else!

Additionally, she tutors and acts as a mentor teacher. She enjoys working with both teachers and students and thinks the best part about teaching is figuring out how to reach every student. While this is a challenge for any teacher, it does keep the job interesting, exciting and valuable. She finds inspiration in Emily Dickinson’s poem “If I can stop one heart from breaking.” She believes that by helping just one person on his or her journey through this world gives meaning to her own life. And what better way to do that than through teaching!

Marypat loves to read and write, so she fills her classroom with lots of books. She posts student work on the walls when she can (since that’s always more interesting than her attempts at cute bulletin boards!). She also likes to post a “graffiti” board where students can write titles of books they have enjoyed reading. This also makes a handy reference for those who are looking for something to read.

As you can tell by the title of this post, she is a total book nerd, so her idea of a perfect day is reading a current middle school book at the beach! She also likes to knit, walk her dog (a rescue lab who loves to eat soap!!), and play Settlers of Catan with her family.

Free at TPT
She would love for you to download one of the 11 freebies she has in her store called Just Add Students. Her favorite free item is the reading badge (see visual on your right) because she loves getting students motivated about reading, and reading badges really get them excited! (Plus they’re cute!)

Only $4.00
In addition, Marypat feels strongly that teachers need to teach students how to navigate the Internet! Out of 108 resources, she has several in her store that teach digital literacy.  As teachers, it is so important to help students to think critically about what they read and see on the Internet. Her resource “How to Identify Bias Online” will help any teacher work on sharpening digital literacy skills in the classroom…and beyond.

Marypat also blogs. In fact, she has two blogs, one by herself called Just Add Students (what else?) and another where a group of middle school teachers collaborate to offer teaching ideas. They call themselves the Middle School Mob. She invites you to pop in sometime and say hello.

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