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A Go Figure Debut for a New Yorker Who Is New!

Renee Dawn's Store
Renee has been a New York City public school teacher for over 20 years, mostly in kindergarten. She has a creative approach to teaching the whole child with the common core, music, art, dance and meditation. In her classroom you will see café-style conversations; dancing to pop, classical, world and educational music; and big dollops of laughs.

She enjoys writing and recording pop songs, sewing, long walks down city streets, the beach and forest parks....and organic dark chocolate.
Free Resource
I chose Renee's Teachers Pay Teachers store, called Renee Dawn because it incorporates many unique and engaging resources that are not readily available in other stores. Her store currently features 72 different resources (21 of them have songs), with three of the resources being free. 

The item that is closest to her heart is entitled: Free-Verse, Creative Poetry Writing for K – 5.  It includes 16 writer’s workshop lessons that are a recipe for beat-poet confections that any student can master - even an ELL kindergartner. Children will learn to think and talk through the fresh eyes of a poet. The kit includes a rubric and writing paper for display.

Only $3.00
One of her paid products that I find quite interesting is her My Counting Song MP3s. It features a soothing vocal over a relaxing instrumental with a soft beat. Besides teaching counting, skip counting, counting backwards and counting on, the songs are behavior management tools - hypnotic and calming. The songs help children to calm their minds and focus on the task at hand; whether for time out, clean up, transition, stretching or dance. All the songs count like a heartbeat, one beat per second. 

One buyer left this feedback: "I bought it for my elderly mom who has trouble sleeping, and it helps her fall asleep. If I weren't retired, I would use it in the classroom, too."

Children also love the songs for dance breaks. How about trying robotic dancing while counting backwards? Not sure this is something you could use? Then download The Counting Song 1 – 20 which is free.  

If you stop by her blog, called Teacher Ink, Renee says she will pour you a virtual cup of lemonade and then you can chat with her.  This sounds like an excellent plan to me, especially on a hot summer day! Why not join me?


Teacher Ink said...

Thank you, Scipi, for featuring me on your blog! I'm thrilled to join you in curing one Mathphobic at a time ;-) --Renee

Unknown said...

Lovely blog write-up! I'm a fan of using songs in the classroom, too. Go Renee!

Unknown said...

This a very nice article. It really makes me want to purchase your resources, Renee!

Pamela Moeai said...

Great article! Scipi....What a fabulous idea to highlight well-deserving TpT sellers/stores. Renee...I hope you get lots of visitors for your store and blog...who can resist virtual lemonade!

Teacher Ink said...

Thank you, Sandra; and yes, great things happen when math and music meet ;-) --Renee

Teacher Ink said...

Thank you so much, Paula and Pam! Kudos to Scipi. She has a gracious way of presenting people in their best light.

Anne Gardner said...

Love this blog! I had the opportunity to meet Renee in New York, and she's just as engaging in person as her resources are. Love her combination of child-centered learning, movement and music!

Teacher Ink said...

Anne, thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words! I loved meeting you, too--love seeing the soul behind the resources (and thanks again, Scipi, for shining your light my way. I almost feel like I "met" you, too).