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Another Go Figure Debut for a Math Teacher Who Is New!

Meghan is a math teacher from Dallas, Texas who has been teaching for 12 years. She taught for six years in Ohio), and for the last six years she’s been teaching in Dallas, Texas at a private Montessori/International baccalaureate school. Meghan teaches mostly middle schoolers 7th grade pre-algebra and 8th grade algebra. Recently, her school started an upper school, and they add a grade each year. Presently, they have toddlers through 10th graders on their campus!! Her store is called Dr Pepper Lover; so, apparently she loves Dr Pepper.

She shared with me that her math classroom is colorful and inviting. Geometry has always been her favorite of the maths (mine, too). She claims to be very artsy and loves to doodle and create new designs with her trusty compass and straightedge. Several years ago she decided to try interactive notebooks with her pre-algebra and algebra students and they loved them! You can find many interactive notebook ideas, projects and activities for Pi Day (March 14th) on her own blog called Middle School Math with Mrs. Fahey.

Currently, her Teachers Pay Teachers store contains 98 resources. Although most of them are math related, she does have a few that are questions to be used after watching a movie such as The Beautiful Mind. The 24 questions are good for keeping students on task during the movie. She also has 13 resources that are guided notes to teach various math concepts such as ratios and proportions or absolute value.

She features 24 Color-by-Number resources. She insists, “Don’t be fooled. Middle schoolers are NOT too cool to color!” What fun your students might have with those! All of her resources are reasonably priced, and many are under $5.00. Six of her products are free!
Free Resource

Only Costs $6.00
One of her free resources is Matchy Math, and it plays like the old game show Concentration. You select doors and make matches in order to reveal pieces of a rebus puzzle. Think: a picture of a key + P represents the word “keep”. This game matches inequalities with their graphs.

Meghan has bundled five of her Color-by-Number activities into a resource called, Zombie Bundle: Absolute Value Equations/Inequalities and More. She says that the activities will really test your students’ BRAIN power and that your students will thank you for this homework! (That’s a novel idea!)

I hope you will take a moment to check out all of Meghan’s top quality products as well as her blog. Download one of her free items, and then take some time to leave her feedback.

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