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A Go Figure Debut for a South African Who Is New!

Liezel's TPT Store
Since my husband teaches science on the middle school level, I thought this week, I would feature a science teacher. After all, science and math are closely related because both content areas rely on a similar problem-solving approach and tools such as observation, comparison, measurement, and communication. Even some big ideas are the same: change (function), systems, and classification. Let's meet Liezel who graduated from the University of Stellenbosch (in South Africa) with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry.

Liezel has taught in the UK as well as South Africa. At the moment, she is teaching at a Cambridge International School in the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa. She loves creating new and interesting resources. Her students always joke that she should have been a primary school teacher since she is always adding clip art, borders, etc. to everything! (I do, too – even on the college level.) Currently, she teaches biology, chemistry and physics from grades 7-12 (AS levels - the equivalent of grades 12 and 13 here in the U.S.)

She loves creative, interactive lessons, and as a scientist, she tries to do as much lab work with her students as possible. She also loves to read! She is a mother to a gorgeous two year old “princess” and an eight year old Jack Russel Terrier.

Liezel's store is called The Lab which is a very suitable name for a science teacher. She currently has 65 resources in her store, five of which are free. These reasonably priced resources are appropriate for high school as well as middle school. Her store features interactive notebooks, task cards, crossword puzzles, and much, much more.

FREE Resource
One of Liezel's interactive science notebook activities is a free resource on plant cell structure and function. The students are given an outline of a plant cell, and then they are to cut out the provided labels and then place the functions in the correct place.

My husband has downloaded this free resource and uses it as a review activity. He says it is a different way for his 8th graders to practice and go over vocabulary.

Just $2.00
Liezel also has an interesting product for $2.00 entitled Physics Formulae Flash Cards.  It is a set of 14 flash cards to help in the review of various Physics Formulae. Included in this resource are 14 flash cards (4 on a page) plus two blank cards for any extra formulas you wish to add. Liezel punches a hole in each card and then has her students keep them on a key ring to use for reviewing.

Now that you know more about The Lab, why not head on over to her store and welcome her?  While you are there, you might check out what she has as well as become one of her followers.  OR follow her on Facebook: and Instagram: @thelab_by_liezelpienaar  I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to reviewing more of Liezel's unique products!

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