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A Go Figure Debut for a Buckeye Who's New!

The Caffeine Queen is my newest Go Figure Debut. We have a great deal in common, especially when it comes to THE Ohio State University…..Go Bucks! She has taught both regular education and special education. Like most effective teachers, she is always on the lookout for exciting new teaching strategies. She describes herself as a hands-on teacher who enjoys creating items that are kid friendly. 

She believes RESPECT should be a two way street in any classroom. She says her shining teacher moment occurs daily when she receives hugs from her students! She thinks a fun and welcoming classroom atmosphere, along with engaging and interesting lessons, is truly the recipe for success. The internet world has really brought her teaching to life, and she desires to share some of those ideas and insights with other teachers.

She currently has 54 products in her store, most priced under $4.00. Her store features many math resources for the elementary as well as for middle school. If you visit her blog, you can read interesting and motivating articles about how she teaches math. I particularly like her May 2nd article about multiplication and how she uses shapes to help those who are struggling with two digit problems that require regrouping. Even I can relate to her April 5th post about fractions because my college students still struggle with them!

Her featured free item is a one-page divisibility rules poster that can be used during math class when students are working on factoring, simplifying fractions, etc. A smaller version of the poster is included for students to use in their Interactive Student Notebooks (ISN) or binders so that it is always within reach. Finally, a short worksheet for individual students or partners is included so that they can work on the newly learned rules while committing them to memory.

Her highlighted paid resource is a graphic organizer designed to make teaching the standard multiplication algorithm of two digit multiplication a bit easier to understand. Several different versions of the organizer are included.

The first three ready-made worksheet pages are multiplication without regrouping, with answer keys included. (The standard algorithm is difficult enough for beginners to conquer without having to immediately worry about regrouping.) Once students are comfortable with multiplying without regrouping, they are ready to begin regrouping. Hopefully, regrouping will go more smoothly because of the time spent solving problems without regrouping, and since the students are now familiar with the process of two digit multiplication.

Right now take a few moments to investigate the Caffeine Queen’s store and blog. Once there, why not become a follower, or download something that is free, or better yet, pick up an educational resource for your classroom?

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Caffeine Queen Teacher said...

Thanks so much, Scipi for the shout-out! I am so incredibly honored to be here!