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A Go Figure Debut for Someone Who's New

It's time to introduce another seller who is new to Teachers Pay Teachers. This time I have chosen a 6th grade math teacher. After visiting her store, I was impressed with what I saw, and knew that you, as one of my readers, would like her products as well.

Her name is LaDawn. She started her teaching career over 18 years ago. She has experience teaching 3rd grade, kindergarten, 5th grade and 6th grade. She currently teaches 6th grade math and she says she LOVES her job! Since she is a visual learner, that is the way she teaches her students. She uses the Promethean board on a daily basis and loves to incorporate music, comics, and videos to help her students grasp the math concept being taught. (This is my style of teaching, for sure!) She is married and has two children.

Her Teachers Pay Teachers store is called Math From My Angle. (I'm not sure what kind of angle she is, but I bet she is usually "right"!) She presently has 32 different products in her store. They are mostly math materials although I did see a cloud power point and a bingo game for the end of the year.

The quote that she uses at her store is: "The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see." (Alexandra K. Trenfor) It appears from her store profile that this quote is something she truly believes.

A warm welcome to the world of Teachers Pay Teachers, LaDawn. We look forward to reviewing more of your products for my favorite subject in the whole world - MATH!

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