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A "Go Figure" Debut for Someone Who's New!

We have many talented teachers who become sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Presently TPT is over 61,000 strong; so, sometimes it is hard for a new store to get noticed. Every once in awhile, I will be introducing one of those new sellers to my blog readers.  I choose these particular stores because they contain high quality items, resources that are out of the ordinary and something that my husband or I can download and use in the classroom.

Acorn's Store
Today I would like you to meet Acorn, a teacher from Dublin, Ireland who is "nuts" about science.  Barry has been a science and ICT (Information Communications Technology - a fancy term for computers!) teacher for 20 years. He has also been a career guidance teacher, and he is the author of two books. Barry describes his teaching style as "friendly", and adds that he is a passionate believer that if you can't make something easy to understand then you don't understand it.

I first found his store because I was intrigued with his free resource. I downloaded it for my husband who teaches science, and he was "hooked". Acorn's products are for grades 4-11 although my husband thinks they are perfect for middle schoolers. They are engaging and hold the students attention. Acorn uses humor interspersed with necessary science knowledge that students are required to know. Check out his freebie entitled: Ionic & Covalent Bonding. It's an animated journey into chemistry and is the love story that was never told. In other words, it is a Chemical Romance. A short "fast draw" animation including cheesy science jokes demonstrates how ionic bonding occurs between sodium and chlorine.

Welcome to the world of Teachers Pay Teachers, Acorn. We look forward to reviewing more of your unique products!

1 comment:

Heather said...

What a wonderful thing to do to bring attention to newer sellers on TPT. I can't wait to check out his stuff! Thank you!
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