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Don't Copy Me!

My guest blogger for this week is Cynthia.  She, too, is a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers.  She has been an educator for 24 years - 16 years teaching kindergarten, one year looping with her students to first grade and seven years in 2nd where she currently teaches.  I hope you enjoy her timely post about limiting paper copies. 

2nd Grade Pad
Hello Everyone!

I am Cynthia from 2nd Grade Pad, the name of my TPT Store.  I am so excited to be doing a guest blog for Vicky!

Has your school limited copies that you can make for your classroom? 
By using three objects everyone has in their classroom, along with training your students in the process, you will find that planning is a snap and MUCH easier than making lots of copies each week.  No matter what your grade-level, implementing is a cinch!

Dry erase boards, dry erase makers, and an eraser are probably the most important three items in my classroom.  I literally, could not teach without them. 
(All of the technology out there, and these are my MUST HAVES???  YES!!)
Each day in math, I work with a small group at my needs-based table.  Each student has these three items.  I work with them doing a spiral review that includes measurement,
adding, subtracting, money, problem of the day, time, and place value.
Above is an example from November.  We go over one problem at a time. 
 The students write down their answer.  When they are finished, they put the lid on the marker and place it on the table.  This helps me to know when they are finished.   
Here are some of the items we use.
If you aren't familiar with the Judy clock, (on the right) when you move the minute hand, it is attached to gears so that it automatically moves
the hour hand.

 Next, all of the students show their answers, and we discuss them.
On the right is a sample of how they show the big number of the day.
In years' past, I have shown this on my big screen. The students would each write their answers on the spiral math board which I would laminate (included in the monthly units).  The students would keep these in their desk to use daily.
This option is also a paperless method. 

If you like what you see, you can purchase the Daily Math Reviews by the month, or you can purchase the entire year at a discounted price here.  My unit is for 2nd grade, but it can easily be used for first or third.  However, the spiral concept and work problems can certainly be used in any grade.  I hope these ideas save lots and lots of paper copies! 
I Spy Something Fishy

                 Cynthia's Blog

On your right is a free resource you might enjoy.  My store also contains many other freebies if you would like to take a look.

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