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Ten More Tips So You Won't Forget!

Math Study Tips You Won't Forget
I know Moses only gave the Israelites Ten Commandments, but remember, these study tips are not commandments; they are suggestions. Keep in mind, math courses are not like other courses. To pass most other subjects, a student must read, understand, and recall the subject matter. However, to pass math, an extra step is required: a student must use and apply the information they have learned to solve math problems correctly. Special math study skills are needed to help the student learn more and to get better grades. Below are my last ten of twenty Math Study Tips. 

1)      What You Know:  Answer what you know first.  That way, you will be more relaxed when you get to the more difficult questions. 

2)      Read: Read the questions.  Look for words like explain, define, select, give an example, etc.  Look at the points attributed to each question and do what you are asked.
3)      Finished: If you are done early go back over your answers. Make sure that you did what the question asked and check your answers for clarity.

4)      Jot It Down! Write items down such as formulas (or what they are used for) or items you are afraid you will forget somewhere on the test as soon as you receive it. Now you can relax and concentrate just on the test.

5)      Show: Show all of your work; it may be worth points.

6)      Clarity: Reread your work for clarity.  You may know what you mean, but if the teacher cannot make heads or tails of it, you will not earn the points.

7)      Dress Appropriately: Ask yourself, “Is the classroom normally cold? Hot?”  You do not want to be uncomfortable during the assessment. 

8)      Books/Materials: Bring all books and supplemental materials that can be used on the test.

9)      Time and Date: Know the time and date of your test.  Set an alarm, and do what you need to do to be on time for class.

10)  Be Persistent:  After taking 19 steps towards success, you are going to do great! 
The entire list of Math Study Tips is now available on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
It is a free download.  Just click under the above cartoon.


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