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Recycled Butterflies

My two granddaughters are in preschool and of course, everything is new and exciting to them.  They came home one day with egg carton caterpillars.  I know most of us have made one of these in our lifetime, but to these two little girls, they were the best craft ever!

They told me that Mrs. Madison was raising butterflies in their classroom, and soon they would hatch.  Anticipation and excitement reigned until the day they came out of school telling everyone that one of the butterflies had hatched.  However, much to their chagrin, Mrs. Madison was going to let it go.  They just couldn't understand why or how their teacher could do that!

But, here is the good part!  The girls got to make a cocoon out of a toilet paper cylinder.  They covered it by gluing on white cotton balls.  Then the made a butterfly out of tissue paper and a small plastic bag tie.  They put the butterfly inside the cocoon and then pretended to have the butterfly hatch!  This was done over and over and over until the cocoon was no more.  Luckily, I was able to get pictures before both were literally destroyed!

Now, what does all of this have to do with math?  Well, based on a blog , Flapjack Products, I contenplated all the ways to use recycled products to make items for the classroom.  Thus Trash to Treasure was created.  It is 34 pages of clever art ideas, fun and engaging mini-lessons as well as cute and easy-to-construct crafts all made from recycled or common, everyday items. 
Trash to Treasure

Find out more than 14 ways to use milk lids for math.  Did you know that you can practice math facts using clear plastic containers?  Learn how to take two plastic plates and turn them into angle makers.  How about using two plastic beverage lids to make card holders for kindergartners or for those whose hands are disabled?  Discover ten ways to use carpet squares as well as nine ways to use old calendars.  How about playing hop scotch on old carpet squares? Were you aware that butter tubs can become an indoor recess game to practice addition or multiplication facts?  These are just a few of the fun and exciting activities that use recycled items found in this 34 page resource entitled Trash to Treasure.

Because these numerous activities vary in difficulty and complexity, they are appropriate for any  PreK - 3rd classroom, and the visual and/or kinesthetic learners will love them.  You can download a free eight page version at Trash to Treasure FREE  or check out the thumbnails for the entire resource by clicking under the cover page on the right.

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Jessica Stanford said...

How cute! And what a great idea to put together!

Jessica Stanford