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The Wolf's Chicken Stew

When I taught elementary, the 100th day of school was a big deal. We spent the whole day doing fun activities that centered on the number 100.  One of my favorite books to read to the children was The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiki Kasza.  It deals with numeration and number sense and is appropriate for grades PreK-3.

The story is about a wolf named Wolf who tries to fatten up a hen for his delicious chicken stew.  Before seizing Mrs. Chicken, he decides to fatten her up first.  He is a great cook; so, he spends the next few nights in the kitchen making 100 scrumptious pancakes as well as 100 donuts, and a 100 pound cake and anonymously leaving them on her porch for Mrs. Chicken to eat. However, at the end of the book, Wolf unwittingly makes 100 new friends.

Here are some activities you might try in your classroom, using this book.
  1. Rewrite the ending of the story.
  2. Retell the story using different food items that the wolf might have used to fatten up Mrs. Chicken.
  3. Using connecting links, connect 100 of them.  Then find items in the classroom that weigh 100 links using a balance scale.
  4. Using the picture where the wolf is making pancakes, and write the recipe.
  5. Using the picture of the 100 pound cake, write as many words as possible that describe the cake.
  6. Hide 100 "chicks" (made out of paper) around the classroom and see if the children can find them all.
In summary, this terrific book says a good deal with few words. The watercolor pictures are beautiful, the text is carefully written, and the ending is unexpected.  I consider this one of my favorite read aloud books, especially on the 100th day of school.


Fluttering Through First Grade said...

We absolutely love this story! It hits so many areas. Such a great one for friendship too.
Wonderful extension ideas! Thanks for sharing.

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

The Reading Buddies said...

This is my favorite for the 100th day also!! I made a graph with the choices, pancakes, donughts and cake. Then I gve each student 12 stickers and they had to ask 12 friends what they would want 100 of? They placed a sticker on the graph after placing on the graph. No stickers left meant go analyze the graph with the questions given about he graph. I meant to make this into a product for my tpt store however switching grade levels this year got in the way!

The Reading Buddies said...

Love this book!! My class graphs which of the foods in the book they would want 100 of?? They survey 12 friends then analyze their data. Each child's graph is different and their is no copying.

Thanks for blogging about this great book.

Brittany Wheaton said...

This is great!! I have my students rewrite the endings of novels all the time (I'm a high school English teacher and they still love doing it)!! :)

PS: I wanted to find your blog because I always find your posts on the TpT forum to be so helpful! I'm your newest follower. :)