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My "Handle"

"Cookie", the nickname for my daughter, took a brief look at this new blog. She was commenting about my "handle" and thought "Skippy" was a clever name. Okay, I can see where scipi might be pronounced that way, but no matter how you say it, I thought you should know how and why I selected that name. My husband teaches science so I took the first three letters of that word and put them with pi since I teach math. I thought scipi would be pronounced as "sigh pie", but if you prefer to call me Skippy, I'm okay with that - as long as you don't compare me to the peanut butter!

New to Blogging

My daughter is an avid blogger.  She has always been good with words which means she loved centers and socializing when she was in school.  This is the first time I have ventured into such a new territory as a blog.  I ask myself, "Why would anyone want to read my blog?  I'm not an outstanding writer, but I do love math." 

Now there's the rub.  Who wants to read about math?  Who even likes it?  Many, many times I have heard a parent of one of my students say, "I understand why my child cannot do math.  I was never very good at math, either."  Right!  So you weren't good at reading; so, your child should be illiterate?  So you don't like to play sports; so, PE should be optional?  I don't think so. 

 My goal in life is to make people, students, adults, children, comfortable with math; to see its value; to learn to at least like it.  After all, there isn't a day that goes by that you don't use math in some form.  Did you read a clock today?  Did you buy something with money?  Did you go to the home improvement store to buy paint?  Did you cook or keep score while you played a game?  That is all math.  Useful - right?

Ask yourself or your students, "What would happen if suddenly there were no numbers?"  To find out, read A Day with No Math by Marilyn Kaye, published by Harcourt Brace Jaovanovich, Inc. in 1992.  It is a great read aloud book.  In the mean time, I will post some helpful ideas about teaching/learning math, AND, if you continue to check back, you, too, might start to like the subject.